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“Who’s Your Daddy? Betcha Didn’t Know That Unmarried Dads Have No Rights (and Other Paternity Issues)” on Breaking Free: A Modern Divorce Podcast #112

October 8, 2018

Rebecca Zung, Esq. and Susan Guthrie, Esq. on the topic of unmarried fathers’ parental rights and other paternity issues.

Over 40% of children today are born to unmarried mothers and almost 85% of cohabitation relationships end before five years so the issue of paternity and parental rights among unmarried parents is timely and increasingly important for people to understand. Rebecca and Susan explain the current state of the law regarding unmarried fathers’ rights to custody and parenting time of their children and the facts may SHOCK YOU!

The money side of things is just as important. What financial obligations do unmarried parents have? Is child support affected by the marital status of the parents? These important considerations are also reviewed to provide listeners with critical information to protect themselves and their children.

Rebecca and Susan explain the law and give some real-life examples from their cases over the years to help explain what unmarried fathers must do to protect their rights and why child support is also a key factor for unmarried parents.

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